Things my students taught me.

I’ve not been very good at blogging so far so I have opted for a change in direction.

I am going to focus on what I learn from my students young and older. I think learning is always a two way process and it’s nice to have somewhere to collect what I find out.

So, here’s thing #1. I found this out today, after an entire half term working on this topic and my student refusing to do any work related to the “straw house.”. I used pictures from the Internet, handrew the houses, and tried so many different ways I lost count. He simply would not engage with the straw house.

Then today, while clearing through an arts and craft tray he finally showed me why the images, drawings etc didn’t work.

This is a STRAW house.”

And I realised. Yes, it is. This is what he has been picturing everytime, everytime I have used pictures of houses made of “straw”.

So this is thing #1 my students have taught me:



Off season!

i know this post isn’t school related but we’re on summer holidays and after two weeks I’m starting to unwind a little. Here’s some photos of the place I am lucky enough to live 🙌🙌🙌

Work has started for September’s resources, but for now I’m enjoying just taking a breath.

Hope everyone is having a good day!

Be done with the day.

a friend of mine said this to me a while ago and I’m finally realising what it meant.

I am a perpetual over thinker. Now, working 1-1, I am in a role where if I’m not careful I could easily burn out. So I have started purposefully carrying out actions to help me “be done with the day” because I just have to accept I can do no more.

Things that are helping me switch off from work:

  • A good scrub. When I get in from work I wash my hands and face. Not just because working with small children I’m often covered in glitter and slimey stuff! It helps me feel better.
  • Removing my watch. This may sound ridiculous as it’s such a small thing but it really is significant to me. Knowing I’m not constrained by time helps me relax.
  • TV. I know people can get a bit divided over the old telly box but I’m an adult and I enjoy TV. I have a couple of shows that I enjoy watching on a weekday after I have finished work, Friends and Judge Judy. Again, some people will think it’s ridiculous but these are my ways of unwinding after some extremely stressful days.
  • Limited planning. Due to the nature of my role I cannot plan very far ahead, a lot of my day is spent thinking on my feet and adapting/modifying. Now that I have accepted this I spend a small amount of time each evening planning some “possibles” but that’s it. No more extensive M,S,C type planning. I do enjoy resources making but I tend to do this at weekends otherwise it’s 4am before I know it and no one should be laminating at that time!
  • Silence. I spend as much time as possible with little to no noise when I finish work. People sometimes don’t realise how intense 1-1 is, I sometimes feel overstimulated! I wouldn’t call it meditation but I enjoy just sitting and being quiet.

There’s a few of my ways to switch off. If anyone has any suggestions I’d love to hear them! 


What a week it was.

I haven’t blogged for a while simply because it has a been a week of much upheaval, which is pretty much a catastrophe for the student I support.

There were points I genuinely thought the end of the week wouldn’t arrive and moments where I could have burst with pride. That’s how the cookie crumbles.

Luckily everyone survived to meet the weekend and I have some time over the next two days dedicated to making some lovely new resources ready for a new week.

To everyone out there that needs this:


Re planning my planning.

As much as I love the aesthetics of Post It planning, I mean how stationarylicious is this…

I have decided to try another direction. Now I’m working evenings again (took a few weeks off my 2nd job to acclimatise to the school job) I do t always have time to deal with a gazillion colours and post its. 

So I’m going for a weekly overview sheet with one post it per day detailing any changes or events required. Hope it works!

Here’s to a great week everyone! 

It is Friday, right??

i only ask because not once, but twice this week I spent most of the day below being it was another day! Think I’m losing it a bit!

Lovely weekend planned here, tomorrow my school is part of the town celebration day, the child I support isn’t taking part as he is too young but it’s a great chance to see some of the older students and staff at a fun activity.

Then on Sunday I have the whole day dedicated to reorganising my resources boxes, drawing up new activities and generally getting things sorted. This may not sound fun to some of you but I do have a worrying love for laminating!

A mixed week this week. Generally we have had positive mornings in our zensenclassroom, lots of expressive art and design as ever and an increasing number of literacy and numeracy activities too. We spent some lovely time outside learning  including a summer bug hunt 🐛🐛 We even joined in sports day practice, something I was told wasn’t very likely at all!

Have noticed a pattern of behaviour in the lead up to lunchtime that I will be addressing next week. Food seems to be pivotal in the life of the child I support so need to get it right!

Have a lovely weekend all! 

 Here is my lovely dog’s reaction when I fire up the printer!